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Navigating Film Making in the Age of Generative AI: Embracing or Defying Traditional Rules?

The realm of film making has always been a blend of science and art, with a history spanning almost a century. This period has seen the emergence of various rules and guidelines, crafted through practical experience and the evolution of psychological and philosophical understanding. These rules have traditionally served as a backbone for filmmakers, guiding them in creating visually appealing and emotionally resonant stories. However, with the advent of innovative tools like ScriptViz, the question arises: should filmmakers strictly adhere to these established rules, or is there room for creative deviation for Film Making in the Age of Generative AI ?

making movies involved lot of rules
Traditional Movie Making

The Evolution of Filmmaking Rules: Throughout the history of cinema, filmmakers have developed a myriad of rules – from the 180-degree rule that maintains spatial consistency, to color theory and camera placement to evoke specific emotions. These guidelines have been pivotal in shaping how audiences perceive and engage with films. Yet, as cinema evolves, so do its storytelling techniques. Iconic films have often gained acclaim not just for following these rules, but for how creatively they break them. Examples include the use of shaky camera techniques in action films to convey a sense of urgency and disarray, deviating from the traditional stable and composed shots.

The Role of ScriptViz: ScriptViz emerges as a revolutionary tool in this context. It serves as a bridge between the classical and modern approaches to filmmaking. By visualizing scripts and proposing shot selections based on established filmmaking rules, ScriptViz offers a foundational draft that filmmakers can either adhere to or creatively diverge from. This flexibility allows directors to maintain coherence in storytelling while also experimenting with their unique vision and style.

using generative AI with scriptviz
Generative AI Assistant

The Debate: Adherence vs. Innovation: The core debate in filmmaking has always been whether to strictly follow the rules for a coherent narrative or to break them for originality and innovation. ScriptViz addresses this by offering a starting point based on conventional rules. It's akin to learning the rules of driving; knowing them ensures a safe journey, but the path taken can always vary. In filmmaking, understanding the 'language' - be it of the lens, camera, color, or lighting - is crucial for meaningful shot design. However, once the groundwork is laid, filmmakers are free to explore and redefine these rules, adding their personal touch to the storytelling process.

While ScriptViz adheres to traditional filmmaking rules in its initial shot selection process, it empowers users to then redefine or even discard these rules to suit their artistic vision. This approach not only ensures a solid foundation for storytelling but also encourages creative freedom and innovation. The essence of filmmaking, therefore, lies in balancing the tried and tested rules with personal creative expression, leading to a film that resonates both in terms of narrative coherence and artistic originality.

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